Best of Berlin

After a week in Berlin we wanted to share some of the experiences and places we enjoyed the most.

Tiergarten Park


Tiergarten is basically the Berlin equivalent of Central Park, but with an awesome beer garden right in the middle. Sitting out on the deck next to the lake at a long table with a cold hefeweizen and fresh pretzel was the perfect escape from the city on a hot afternoon.

Turkish Market

Turkish Market

Neukölln, also known as Berlin’s “Little Istanbul” hosts a bustling Turkish market twice a week. This was a great spot to pick up olives, breads, and fresh juice. Unfortunately not knowing either German or Turkish, our haggling skills left much to be desired.

Coffee: The Barn Berlin

The Barn Berlin

In New York independent coffee shops are everywhere – In Berlin, they are not.  After several disappointing cups we stumbled upon The Barn, which was far and away the best coffee we had while in Berlin. Walking into the shop the vibe is friendly and hipster, with tons of delicious espresso drinks to choose from. The drink on the left is an off menu special: A double-shot of espresso poured over a scoop of salted carmel ice cream.

International Beer Festival

Beer Fest 1

Beer Fest 3

The International Beer Festival of Berlin was in full swing during our time in the city. The festival consists of countless beers (and drunk people) from all over the world . Nearly a mile of Karl Marx Allee is lined with brewers and beer gardens. The variety of beer is amazing and the majority of it costs no more than 2-3 euro for a pint. There are also fresh pretzels, grilled bratwurst and other German comfort foods everywhere. Above is a piece of fresh bread covered in sour cream and chives with bacon and cheese baked in.

Potsdam / Sanssouci


San Souci 1

Less than an hour outside of Berlin, Potsdam is a quaint and scenic day trip from Berlin. We took the train out on our last day in Germany and enjoyed the change in scenery from the grit and graffiti. After walking the streets we rented bikes and took a ride through the lavish palaces and gardens of nearby Sanssouci park. Translated directly, Sanssouci means “without worry” – Clearly the people who lived here had none.

East Side Gallery 

East Side Gallery 1

The preserved stretch of the Berlin wall at the East Side Gallery park is a really interesting site. One side of the wall displays the graffiti that has accumulated over time and the other shows murals commissioned by the city.

Holocaust Memorial

Jewish Memorial 

This was by far the most moving experience for both of us during our stay and a must see if you are visiting Berlin. As you walk through the exhibit, the concrete pillars become larger and more dense, eventually separating out those around you until you feel as if you are completely alone. The memorial and underground museum deliver an extremely powerful reminder of the horror and scope of the Holocaust.

– From A 


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