The View Today: Pygros Santorini

On our last day in Santorini we visited the hilltop village of Pygros. The village is a maze of pedestrian roads and steps set around an ancient venetian castle at the top of a hill 300m above sea level. There are only a few tavernas and a couple small shops. With only about 500 year-round residents, it’s less crowded and definitely feels more authentic than Thira or Oia.

There is no way drive up into the village unless you’re on a donkey, and there are actually directional signs on the walkways if you are. Not having a donkey, we walked up the narrow passageways and climbed on top of the now ruined venetian castle at the top of the town. From here we could actually walk onto and jump between the rooftops of other buildings. A couple kids were playing on top of a church dome.


walking on the rooftops

The view from the top of Pygros is spectacular in virtually every direction. The villages of Thira and Oia, perched on the edge of the semi-circle caldera are instantly recognizable. Nearly 30 miles in the distance the outline of neighboring islands Ios and Sikinos line the horizon.


the view from the top of Pygros toward Thira and Oia


looking south from our vantage point on the ruined venetian castle

In all we spent just under a month exploring five different the greek islands (Six including the one Jeff and I swam to). Bethany and I were sad that our time in the greek islands was up, but so grateful that we could spend time in Pygros on our last day.


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