The View Today: Kek Lok Si Temple

Today we took a bus up to the foothills above Georgetown, Penang to visit the Kek Lock Si temple complex. The bus let us out by a market at the base of the temple. Bunches of bananas, coconuts and other tropical fruits were strewn about the different market stalls. The vendor next us gave us a curious look, but then quickly went back to feeding sugar cane through a press that he wound by hand. I guess most visitors to the temple take taxis and get let out at the top of the hill..

We left the market and started our walk up the hill towards the temple and passed through a series of different buildings and fountains, which got more and more elaborate the higher we climbed. Incense is burned outside of most buildings and we could hear a religious service that was underway. The sights, smells and sounds really made this a unique experience for us.


looking up towards the temple from the market


the turtle pond – one of the first stops on the way to the temple


turtles on turtles


looking out to the foothills


Buddhist prayer ribbons hanging outside the temple


incense and candles outside a temple


the goddess of mercy statue at the top of the temple complex


traditional rooftops of the temple buildings


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