Views From A Drive Around the Island

Here are some of the more interesting things we’ve seen around Koh Lanta..

Tuk tuks carrying all sorts of passengers and things


a dog waits expectantly for his owner/driver

The island gets very rural towards the south and the road winds through extremely steep hills. In many places the jungle vegetation has overgrown half of the road, which makes the view around each corner a surprise. In this instance we found an elephant casually eating leaves at the side of the road with his trainer nearby.


B with her new friend

Thatched huts that had been destroyed by storms and left in pieces by the beach


We were on our way to the south of the island when we got to a washed out part of the main road on Koh Lanta. The road was covered in about a foot of water from heavy rains the night before. A few people tried to make it across – some did, but others stalled and had to walk through the gray water. This was clearly not the place for us to test out our new moped skills, so we had to wait for the water to recede.


a washed out road after heavy rain the night before

Beautiful sunsets along the whole west coast of Koh Lanta


sunset over longboats at Klong Dao


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