Day 1: Coffee is Better Abroad

It was a grey, sober morning at the end of July when we landed in Berlin. The day perfectly matched our feelings after the excitement the night before boarding our flight at JFK. The reality had started to settle in – We really just left the states without any return tickets, knowing that it would be next year before we’d be back home.

Our first morning abroad wasn’t exactly an easy one either. We quickly got lost trying to find the S-Bahn from the airport to the city, and got yelled at by an old German man when we asked for directions. I’m sure he was just trying to help us, but there is a harsh abruptness to the German language I’ve never understood. After finding the apartment and checking in we set out to Mitte,  Central Berlin in search of coffee. About halfway through the first sip of my affogato (fresh espresso over salted caramel gelato) I realized that some of the things from the states that I thought we’d miss were actually much better abroad.


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