Day 4: The Berlin International Beer Festival

IMG_2532IMG_2535I almost fell into moving traffic on a busy street in Berlin. We were walking back from the S-Bahn to our flat in Neukölln when Bethany told me about something that she had seen while riding the train.  As she told me, the words rolled off her tongue with the same casually indifferent tone she’d use to describe one of my favorite shows on the discovery channel. It took a few seconds, but as soon as the words sunk in I immediately reached for my iPhone and feverishly starting tapping with my thumbs trying to make it make words. After a couple tries I finally type them all in: Berlin International Beer Festival

What better place to attend an international beer festival than Berlin? Thousands of people and hundreds of brewers from all over the world turned out for the event, which went on block after block for over a mile in East Berlin. We tried beer from all over Europe and Asia – Some of which we got to try again during our travels through Southeast Asia – and enjoyed some of the best beer snacks Germany had to offer



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