Day 87: Kuala Lumpur

Nothing could have adequately prepared us for our arrival in Southeast Asia – A completely new and different place. Kuala Lumpur is a highly developed, major international city. It has skyscrapers, public transportation, western comforts and you can always find someone who speaks English – It didn’t seem like a place that would really require much adjustment for us.

I vividly remember arriving at our airbnb that first night. It was early fall and the sun was setting hours before it had just days earlier in Europe. The ground was damp from thundershowers earlier that day and bugs buzzed around the illuminated streetlights. The heat was staggering and inescapable as though it radiated from everything around us. As we walked, the evening call to prayer from a nearby mosque resonated powerfully through the hot, twilight air, which was filtered by the thick canopy above and grew darker with each passing minute. At one point we stopped and turned to the west to see the one remaining glint of light from the faded sunset, our eyes wide with anticipation. This was going to be a bigger adjustment than we had expected…


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