Day 66: The Albaicin

Most people visit Granada to tour the Alhambra and indulge in vino tino and free tapas and one of the many bodegas in town. While these things put Granada at the top of the list for any Southern Spain itinerary, the city has even more to offer.

For us, Granada’s biggest surprise was the Albaicin district. Turning off the Carrera del Darro onto a narrow walkway with many, many stairs Bethany and I were quickly out of breath as we made the climb up the hillside towards the Albaicin. Near the top we came across a quiet square with a beautiful stone mosaic running down the middle. A cafe at the far end was opening up for the evening following the afternoon siesta. A couple kids played soccer (futbol) nearby while a sleepy dog observed watched from the side. Bethany and I grabbed a seat at one end of the square and sat for a few minutes watching as the neighborhood slowly woke up for the evening.



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